Cameo Ring Master Carved, Sardonyx Shell Sterling Silver 18k Gold Overlay Size 8 Italian Review

Cameo Ring Master Carved, Sardonyx Shell Sterling Silver 18k Gold Overlay Size 8 Italian

  • Beautiful Autumn Love, Cameo Ring, Italian, Sardonyx Shell, Master Carved,
  • Hand Made, 925 Sterling Silver, Size 8, 18k Yellow Gold Overlay,
  • Artisan Jewelry, Limited Production, 28 x 18 mm,1.10 x 0.86 Inches, Oval,
  • Collector’s Item, Bas Relief, Exceptional Value, Old World Treasure, LARGE RING, Italian,
  • Great Gift, Heirloom Jewelry, Starter Piece for your Collection, New,

Sea shell cameos are made only in Torre del Greco, near Naples, in Italy. They are created by hand carving individual pieces of double layered sea shells with a steel burin. The artisan attaches the selected piece to the end of a dub stick using special glue. He then begins carving from the softer outer layer which permits the incision of a face or figure, working toward the glassy inner layer which is then cleaned using a rotating brush rendering it shiny. This is an antique art passed on from the Greeks to the Romans which today requires a five to six year apprenticeship to become, given that one has the necessary talent, a master artisan. Black and white sea shells, Cassis Madagascariensis or Sardonic (Sardonyx), come from the Caribbean while the ivory colored shells, called Cassis Rufa or Corniola (Carnelian), come from Madagascar. Each precious cameo is a unique hand-made object, an ideal gift of lasting beauty, not a fleeting fad. Note: With time, a cameo may collect dust diminishing its beauty. A soft bristled brush, lukewarm water and neutral soap are all that s needed to restore its original splendor. Recapture the spirit of youth with this beautiful hand carved, Italian, shell cameo pin pendant. Great gift or collector’s item, exceptional value. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING

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